Will the World Cup be held in Qatar?

About 3 million people who bought tickets for World Cup matches, booked hotels and plane tickets, feel like casino players who have gone for broke. In recent days, the movement to boycott the football championship has been actively gaining momentum.

But too much effort, money, work, etc. has been invested, and time is running out, so 99.99% that everything will work out.

Considering that a couple of months ago everything was relatively calm and nothing foreshadowed such difficulties, many people began to think about making their trip virtual next time. And with the money saved, put bets in an online casino, because everything depends on the better and live croupier, not big politics. p>

What caused the scandal

The media reported that since 2010 (the date of the approval of the application for the 2022 World Cup), 6,500 foreign workers have died in the country. Of course, not all of them were associated with the construction of sports facilities and other infrastructure or died as a result of accidents at work. Nevertheless, the figure is impressive.

True, the UN has information only about 37 people who died as a result of the construction of sports complexes and stadiums apsession.

Even before, the question of the complete lack of rights of immigrants was raised. Qatar took the criticism right and made changes to labor law, at least there was a fixed minimum wage. But the process of amending the legislation is not over yet.

The country’s attitude towards LGBT representatives also causes concern.

Will a bet on stopping the tournament win?

Even the organizers and leaders of the movement to boycott the championship frankly admit that they will not be able to cancel the World Cup.

So don’t run to the bookmakers and demand a refund of the bet money – the World Cup will take place timechi.

Finding someone to blame

Fifa is the most criticized:

  • accusing individual officials of corruption;
  • the organization itself in the absence of control over the observance of human rights in the host country.

Qatar, in response, blames global politics and the “gas issue” for everything. To some extent, he is right, as political scientists and well-known analysts agree with this, who do not make predictions for sports, but are involved in politics. They note that the problem with guest workers was known back in 2019, and dozens of centuries have been known about the peculiarities of Qatari cultural and religious traditions regarding LGBT people.

So all these are just temporary difficulties, the Championship will take place and you can safely bet on your favorite team or national team player.

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